UWE Bristol media team wrote: Tackling the inequality of home learning
By Dr Verity Jones, Senior Lecturer in Education As we find ourselves in another lockdown, families across the country take on the task of home schooling yet again – and this time through the winter. The difficulties this poses for many familie (More)
By Dr Jane Carter, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education Learning to read is perhaps the most important thing we will learn to do in our primary education. There is a huge amount of evidence that identifies that being able to read impacts on our f (More)
Saturday 15th June 2019 10:00 – 15:00 UWE Bristol’s Exhibition and Conference Centre, Frenchay Campus Come and spot which inventions you think will be the tech of the future at the Leaders Award Exhibition day on Saturday 15th June. (More)
The Great Science Share is a national event nurturing children’s natural curiosity by encouraging them to share their original science investigations with scientists, with the regional Bristol and Bath event taking place at UWE Bristol in June: (More)
Children from Years 4 to 8 from across the region are invited to share their own science investigations at the Great Science Share for Schools. The aim of the Great Science Share is to nurture kids’ natural curiosity by providing (More)