Sophie Pavelle I never knew what I wanted to be – except that any career for me had to have three conditions: it must involve an above-average dose of the outdoors, I would like to be in charge of the agenda, and some sort of animal (any will d (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Graduating and working during the COVID-19 pandemic
Finishing our MSc in Science Communication and graduating during a pandemic and national lockdowns was not how any of us expected it to go. But despite that I managed to get a job a few months after submitting my thesis. Not only that, but what I le (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Writing Science - Student Magazine Work 2021
Students on the Writing Science module in the 20/21 academic year came up with some impressive online science magazines. Their brief was to develop a science magazine from scratch and they were left to develop the concept and choose who the audience (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Science on Air and on Screen - Student Videos 2021
Students on the Science on Air and on Screen module in the 20/21 academic year had to contend with social distancing and restrictions on travel as they developed their science TV programme – one of the assessments for the module. They were tasked (More)
Kassie at NASA Ames in front of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) My name is Kassie. I’m a storyteller, science facilitator, and science advocate. I work as a federal contractor for the Bay Area Environmental Research (More)
Science Communication Unit wrote: Science Chatters
Walking around the Frenchay campus at UWE Bristol is an intriguing experience. Wander down one corridor and you find yourself in the Centre for Appearance Research, down another and you’ll find yourself flanked by science labs. Just what is that r (More)
This year, the Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol is able to offer a bursary which will part-fund a place on its renowned MSc Science Communication. The value of the bursary is £1500. To apply for the bursary, you must have applied for th (More)