Welcome Team wrote: Your May Feel Good Focus
by the Feel Good Team As the academic year draws to a close, we understand that some of you may be feeling a mixture of emotions including excitement, stress, anxiety, and fear. Whatever you might be feeling, it's important to remember to be kind (More)
by Mercedes, BA(Hons)Drama and Creative Writing Three cheers for exam season! No? Yes, I know this season in education isn’t always the most popular for various reasons (I personally feel a wave of nausea come in when I hear the E word). Bu (More)
Welcome Team wrote: Your March Feel Good focus
by the Feel Good Team Spring is on its way! After what feels like a long winter, we're all settling into the first semester and spring is finally round the corner! Whilst the sun coming out tends to lift our spirits, as the government res (More)
Welcome Team wrote: Your February Feel Good Focus
by the Feel Good Team We're excited to announce our annual programme for Feel Good February, here to help you start the year in a healthy way. And with the ongoing UK lockdown, we believe that this might be the most important Feel Good February t (More)
Welcome Team wrote: Your January Feel Good Focus
by the Feel Good Team Following the festivities of the Christmas break, many of us dread January and the cold weather it brings. This year, with lockdown continuing to be a reality for all of us, it can bring on a variety of new challenges naviga (More)
by the Feel Good Team What is Feel Good? The Feel Good programme is based on healthy behaviours for your wellbeing. We believe in empowering you to make healthy choices and run events throughout the year to help you relax, eat well, get activ (More)