Blog by Dr. Edward Johnston, Senior Lecturer in Law at UWE Bristol. In November the back log of outstanding cases in the criminal courts of England and Wales stood at 457,518. According to the same Sky News report, this is some 100,000 more than (More)
Written by Rachel Kelway-Lewis, LLM and member of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group The Institute of Public Policy Research[1] of UK has urged that ‘the historical disregard of environmental considerations in most areas of (More)
This blog is by Subhashree Panda, LLM (Environmental Law and Sustainable Development) Agriculture, the largest source of livelihoods for India, is plagued by several problems such as small and fragmented land-holdings, use of poor quality seeds, (More)
In his new article that will be published in the Journal of Business Law later this year, Professor Nicholas Ryder investigates the link between terrorism financing, cryptoassets and social media platforms. Terrorism financing was propelled to th (More)
Faculty of Business and Law wrote: Surprised? You shouldn't be.
By Professor Nicholas Ryder, Head of Research, Global Crime, Justice and Security Research Group In its 2018 Mutual Evaluation Report (MER) of the United Kingdom’s (UK) level of compliance with its Recommendations, the Financial Action Task For (More)
Faculty of Business and Law wrote: Case study: UWE Bristol Law Alumni
My name is Miriam C Nkomalago, a UWE Bristol alumni from the graduate year of 2018. I transferred to UWE Bristol in my last year of LLB from HELP University, Malaysia, through the UK Law Degree Transfer Program offered at HELP University. Mov (More)
In April 2020, Tom Smith, Senior Lecturer in Law at UWE Bristol, published a short article for criminal justice NGO Fair Trials, discussing the use of pre-trial detention during the Covid-19 emergency. The full post was written by Tom Smith and was (More)