This talk was organised by the Commercial Law Unit and the International Law and Human Rights Unit on behalf of CALR. [caption id="attachment_511" align="alignnone" width="300"] Dr Lorenzo Pasculli[/caption] On 14 February 2018 Dr Lorenzo Pascull (More)
The talk was organised by the Commercial Law Unit and the International Law and Human Rights Unit on behalf of the Centre for Applied Legal Research. On 14 February 2018 Dr Lorenzo Pasculli, Senior Lecturer in Law at Kingston University London cha (More)
In the past few years the concept of citizenship has been a growing subject of studies in law and politics. The distinction between nationality and citizenship, the rights and duties of nationals and citizens, EU citizenship, etc have attracted consi (More)
On 10 July 2017 Christian Dadomo and Dr Noëlle Quénivet attended a workshop organised by Dr Albert Sanchez Graells at the University of Bristol to discuss the impact of Brexit on Law Schools in the South West. The event which was supported by the S (More)
Originally posted in Business Leader Magazine Far from Brexit creating a sense of doom and gloom for SMEs wanting to export, leaving the EU could provide opportunities to sell to emerging markets. That, at least is the view of two economists who are (More)
Prior to the Distinguished Professorial Address by Professor Michael Dougan on 29 March 2017 the International Law and Human Rights Unit organised a workshop to discuss the legal implications of Brexit not on the United Kingdom as it is so often disc (More)
By Christian Dadomo and Noëlle Quénivet In a cosmopolitan city like Bristol Brexit is bound to have a considerable impact on the local population and businesses. To gauge the effects of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (More)
Brexit: A word that one cannot escape reading newspapers, watching the TV or listening to the radio. It is literally everywhere. Yet, what it means in legal terms is often misunderstood and its repercussions on the legal, and notably constitutional, (More)
By Professor Richard Bolden. For anyone who believes that leadership and management are rational processes, where the most skilled and experienced leaders will succeed and the best strategies and plans are implemented, the events of 2016 will come a (More)
Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A with Hilary Lindsay, National President ICAEW Friday 25th November, 12:00 - 14:00 , 2S704 Frenchay Campus The Faculty of Business and Law at UWE Bristol invite you to a lunchtime panel  discussion and Q&A w (More)