Why my drama degree at UWE Bristol is one of a kind.

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By Jake, BA(Hons) Drama student

The drama course at UWE Bristol is like no other in the UK – it’s a course that has no written exams. I liked the idea of being judged on my coursework and my effort in lectures, rather than just one exam. Here are my experiences of studying a drama degree at UWE Bristol.

Why I chose UWE Bristol for my drama degree

I decided to study drama at university because I had always enjoyed drama at school and college. I knew it was a field that I wanted to pursue as a career in the future. I applied for drama schools and other universities but after coming to the open day, I knew that I wanted to study at UWE Bristol.

I would say the drama course at UWE Bristol is somewhere in between studying at university and drama school. It has both coursework and performance exams, which I think is the perfect mix. I have just finished my first year and I’m enjoying the course immensely so far.

The teaching on the course is amazing. All the teachers are very supportive and I’ve found that if you just go and ask them questions, they are always happy to help.

My drama modules and lecturers

We have four modules: Text and Context, Creative Writing, Actor Training and Physical Theatre. I was nervous about the modules that required a lot of writing, as I struggle with that a lot. But all the lecturers are approachable, so I was able to talk to them, or my personal tutor, if I needed to.

The lecturers are keen to give you a good start as you go into work after you graduate. They don’t want to just give you a degree and send you on our way. I found that especially on the drama course – the lecturers are there to help you in any way they can.

For example, I’m interested in teaching as a possible career path. I could talk to my lecturers about this and they’d be able to help me organise a placement in a school. Not only would this let me see if I liked teaching, it would also look good on my CV.

My experience of Masterclass Week

On the drama course, we have Masterclass Week in the second term. This is a voluntary week where people from the industry come into the University. We had a director, producer, voice agents, etc. all come onto campus to give a masterclass in their profession.

All we had to do was sign up in time and we could join in. Because this week is open to all years, I found that a lot of the masterclasses got booked up very quickly. As soon as you see it’s available to book I would go for it, otherwise you may miss out.

My dream when I graduate

My dream after I finish my course is to study a masters degree at a drama school. I feel that this is the next step for me in my pursuit to become an actor. I’ve already spoken to my lecturers about this and they’ll provide support so that I have the best chance of getting in.

I’ve really enjoyed my time on the drama course so far. I’ve found a love for writing that I didn’t know I had. Bristol is a lovely place and the course is exactly what I was looking for.

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