Why I chose postgraduate study at UWE Bristol.

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by Maddison, MSc Marketing student

Our MSc Marketing student, Maddison, tells us what it’s like to study a postgraduate degree at UWE Bristol. She shares her experiences of studying part-time, as well as how she’s managed to juggle her studies with her job.

How I decided postgraduate study was right for me

I studied Business and Event Management for my undergraduate degree. I was lucky enough to secure an internship through the UWE Bristol Graduate Internship Scheme, which turned into a full-time position in social media and marketing.

But 2 years after graduating I felt like I wasn’t quite done learning and wanted to pursue something new. MSc Marketing at UWE Bristol felt like the perfect course for me to boost my career whilst being aligned to my interests. 

Why UWE Bristol? 

I chose UWE Bristol because I completed my undergraduate degree here and really enjoyed my course. Completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree can be really daunting and I wanted somewhere that would feel familiar to me. After graduating, I stayed in Bristol because I love the city, so it felt right to continue my studies in Bristol too. 

UWE Bristol also offered a part-time MSc Marketing course, which fitted perfectly with my situation as I wanted to continue to work full-time. The modules are relevant to my current role in marketing, so they’re really useful. I find I’m relating the academics to my day-to-day work, so I can really see the benefit of further study.

The part-time course is flexible – the lectures are on Saturdays and I can fit my reading and coursework in at the weekends and evenings. I didn’t think postgraduate study would be the sort of place you would make friends – especially on a part-time course – but I’ve met some really great people throughout my time.

“As well as this, the module leaders are friendly and approachable and understand you have work commitments.”

This was a huge relief as I was unsure about how I would juggle university work and job work initially. But it’s slotted into my life quite perfectly and it has definitely been easier with the help and support of the module leaders and course leader. I know I can go to my tutors for help if I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed or want clarification on a topic.

Funding my postgraduate study

As I am working full-time, I didn’t need to think about how I would cover living, travel and general life costs. To fund my postgraduate study, I applied for the Postgraduate Master’s Loan, which covers the cost of my studies.

But with the alumni discount, I actually have a bit of money left over each time I get my student loan. The alumni discount has been really helpful and stops me worrying about how I will fund the course.

“I’m so glad I applied for the course whilst I was still eligible for the alumni discount – I’d really recommend taking advantage of this if you can.”

The benefits of postgraduate study to me

In general, my master’s degree has given me more knowledge and expertise in the field of marketing. It’s helped me to look at tasks at work with a different perspective. I love to learn new things and my master’s degree has involved topics I genuinely enjoy, which has been great.

Most of all, my confidence has grown massively when talking to new people, completing presentations at work, and in myself and my knowledge of marketing. I feel so much more independent and like I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.

So, what’s next? 

I still have 1 year left of study due to being on a part-time course, so I still have my dissertation to write. With the help I’ve received on my course so far from module leaders and friends and everything I have learnt, I am really looking forward to writing this piece of work. After that, I’m looking forward to continuing my career in marketing.

If you are considering postgraduate study, I hope this blog has given you some reasons why UWE Bristol could be the place for you too.

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