How I moved from Nigeria to UWE Bristol

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By Adewale, MSc Engineering Management

UWE Bristol student, Adewale, tells us of his experience as a mature international student living in Bristol. He shares the factors that influenced his decision to move to the UK and study at UWE Bristol, the impact his degree will have on his career prospects and what his scholarship meant to him.

Why I chose UWE Bristol

It’s been a lifetime dream of mine to study in the UK. A former engineering colleague graduated through UWE Bristol and I’ve always respected his work ethic, conduct and professionalism. He also gave me some experiences of what it’s like to study here which helped me pick UWE Bristol.

I was able to fund my place on the MSc Engineering Management course after receiving the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. It was a crucial factor for me to receive my scholarship as I’d been trying to study at UWE Bristol for the last three years but couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t have come here without the scholarship, so it has undoubtedly changed my life.

“Now I’m here I can see that UWE Bristol makes sure that the needs of everyone are met – no one is left out. The facilities are fantastic too; I’ve mostly used the 24/7 library and the Information Point on campus when I’ve needed support. The lecturers are all supportive and always answer any questions we have.”

Studying here has also improved my communication skills, particularly in the group sessions where we work with lots of other students from different cultures. I’ve also received emails from the Global Centre telling me about things I can get involved with, so I’ve never been short of exciting opportunities.

Studying in the UK

I’m really enjoying my course, especially the mode of delivery which allows lots of interaction with other colleagues. The other students on my course are from lots of different backgrounds. It’s good getting to know them and their different cultures, which is also beneficial when working on group case studies.

In my home country the mode of delivery is very different. You work individually so there’s no group work or discussions, no sharing experiences or case studies – you’re expected to work on your own. I get a lot more support from my colleagues and lecturers here and I’m able to share experiences and learn from other people’s views. The way of learning here is much better for me.

The industry connections in the UK, particularly in Bristol, are a huge plus too. I’ve learnt about the high performing companies within the UK and how they evolved to where they are today. You definitely feel like you’re gaining practical experience while you’re here.”

And Bristol is great in general – it’s a very calm, multicultural city and also very secure. Everyone has been friendly and the city is beautiful.

Being a mature student

As an engineer, I hope my course will help me to progress up the managerial ladder within engineering. I’ve gained a better understanding of industry costs, and what the responsibilities and challenges of an Engineering Manager should be, including the scope of their work.  Also, information on how engineering differs in developed and developing countries has been particularly useful to me as an international student.

My advice for other international students

I have three key pieces of advice for prospective international students:

  • Be prepared for your learning and you’ll receive the right support. You cannot expect to come here and just do what you like.
  • You get a lot of emails from UWE Bristol about the support you can get as an international student. Make sure you check your emails regularly and read them thoroughly to maximise your time here.
  • Keep an open mind, adapt to the new culture and the new knowledge this will bring.

Experience UWE Bristol through the eyes of our students

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Welcome to our student views blog

Choosing where you want to spend the next three years of your life – or longer – isn’t easy. So you need an opinion you can trust. You’ll want to hear from the students who actually study here.

Our eager team of students have joined together to tell you about their experiences of living and studying at UWE Bristol.

Through a series of podcast, blogs and short films they’ll tell you about the whole university experience in their own words. From the clubs and societies they’ve joined, to living in Bristol and the accommodation and facilities on offer here. Find out how they felt about coming to university at the start, the challenges they may have faced and the advice they have to offer.

Keep an eye out for regular posts and articles designed to help you experience UWE Bristol through the eyes of our students and give you an insight into what it’s really like to study here.


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