How I furthered my skills at UWE Bristol

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By Soleiman, MSc Façade Engineering

UWE Bristol student, Soleiman, tells us about his experience as a mature international student living in Bristol. He shares the factors that influenced his decision to study a master’s degree, the impact it will have on his career prospects, and what his scholarship meant to him.

Why I decided to undertake a master’s degree

I think that before selecting a master’s degree, it’s important to do your research, study the curriculum, and choose the right course for you. It’s also very important to think about your future career or further education and how the course will help you get there.

“With my background in engineering, I knew I wanted to undertake a master’s to upskill and increase my career prospects.”

I had researched the Master’s in Façade Engineering around the world, and through Google found that UWE Bristol’s course is unique and offers benefits that others don’t. The collaboration with the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) was a huge benefit, and I had seen publications from the lecturer delivering the course before I applied. This convinced me that UWE Bristol was the best choice for me and my career.

My scholarship

I was very happy to receive my scholarship as it meant I was able to finance my degree. My decision to come to UWE Bristol was based on the content of the course and the opportunities it could provide, but the scholarship was a helpful deciding factor as my income was a barrier once my country’s currency was converted to pounds.

My experience of UWE Bristol

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the course, including the content. The volume and depth of content, and the variety of modules provided useful and relevant information that I can apply to future projects. Most of the learning is gained through lectures and presentations.

“Industry experts often presented to my class and would bring in samples to give us a feel for materials and design, which will also be very useful going forward.”

The online facilities and services are very user-friendly, and an added benefit is the access to recordings of lectures and presentations, particularly for me as I moved myself and my young family to the UK from Iran.

I received support from UWE Bristol right from the start. I had some issues processing my visa, but the Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies (CAS) team and the Admissions team were really helpful in getting that resolved and getting me started.

Career impact

I’d been working in the engineering sector for 14 years and wanted the master’s degree to enhance this knowledge and make myself more desirable for world-leading façade engineering companies around the globe.

The course taught me more than I had expected and made me feel much more career-ready. As well as building upon the skills and experience I’d already developed in my career, I found the process of writing technically a real learning-curve.

This was especially true when writing for contractors, employers and architects, as this was something I hadn’t previously practised. I’ve also became more familiar with industry standards – a skill that will benefit me for the rest of my career.

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