Visits, Projects and Exhibits

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During the course of their MSc in Science Communication, our students go on some pretty exciting visits to locations where science communication is done. They get to conduct their own research projects. Many of them also create their own materials for exhibits. Here’s is a snapshot of where they have been and the work they have done.

One of our students on the MSc in Science Communication, Emma Brisdion, spent her summer at the Climate Impacts Research Centre in northern Sweden interviewing the scientists based there for her podcast Field Notes on Climate Change. The research centre is within the Arctic, yet the climate in the area is warming rapidly due to climate change. This is already having real effects on the vegetation and wildlife there, so the researchers are measuring what’s happening to get an insight into the sorts of changes we might see elsewhere in the future. Emma is using the podcast for her research for her MSc dissertation. She’s investigating who is listening to it and, more broadly, how effective podcasts are at communicating the work of research centres.

In this video, Emma explains what she did at the Climate Impacts Research Centre …

… and you can listen to her podcast here too.