UWE Bristol launches new set of short courses designed for lifelong learning

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UWE Bristol launches new set of short courses designed for lifelong learning, skills development and levelling up, which for the first time can access student loan funding

UWE Bristol is partaking in a nationwide pilot of the forthcoming government initiative the Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE), offering professional short courses in the subject area of architecture, urban design, and the engineering of zero carbon buildings.

All LLE short courses meet the standard required to be credit bearing, can count towards related degree qualifications, and can be undertaken by UK citizens free-at-the-point-of-delivery through Student Loan Company funding, which is offset against future earnings.

Each course is worth 30 credits (a quarter of a full-time year of study), is delivered as one half-day of teaching a week for 24 weeks.

Learners are registered as UWE Bristol students and will have access to our related support services

For applicants new to higher education, or new to the topic of urban design, architecture and construction, UWE Bristol is delivering two taster courses that will be delivered face-to-face:

For applicants with existing knowledge of both Higher Education and the built environment, UWE Bristol also offers more advanced courses aimed at developing skills in the design and management of zero carbon buildings. These will be delivered as evening (6-9pm) courses both in person at the Arnolfini campus, and available to access online.

On completion of the courses participants can advance onto further learning opportunities and careers in property, planning, advanced design, retrofit coordination and energy management.

See the course links above for entry requirements and details on how to apply. These courses align with the University’s commitment to transform futures: powering the future workforce.

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