UWE Bristol researchers seeking dairy farmer input in developing a new way to fight bovine mastitis

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UWE Bristol academic Alexandros Stratakos is currently seeking dairy farms to work with to develop a new way to fight bovine mastitis.

This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the UWE Bristol (Dr Alexandros Stratakos) and University of Bristol (Dr Daniel Enriquez-Hidalgo, Professor John Tarlton):

Bovine mastitis is the leading infectious disease of dairy cattle and remains a major challenge to the UK dairy industry. It is the most costly disease for the industry, and affects the welfare of your animals.

Normally treated with expensive antibiotics that can leave residues in milk and lead to antimicrobial resistance, researchers are developing a new preventative method based on cold plasma.

Cold plasma is produced at a very low cost by applying electricity to a gas. This technology is non-invasive, quick, antibiotic, residue and pain free, environmentally friendly and can be applied directly to the cow’s teat.

We believe that this technology can offer significant benefits and we are interested in finding dairy farmers who can help us identify what they need to make this technology work for them. The project will explore: i) the efficacy against microorganisms causing mastitis and ii) the safety of the method on bovine mammary skin and iii) wound healing acceleration.

If you are a dairy farmer interested in helping develop this technology further, please contact one of the team members to arrange a short visit to your farm.

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