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Bristol City Council

UWE Bristol offers of wide range of apprenticeship programmes and we regularly catch up with our apprentices to hear about their experiences.

In this Meet the Employer, we caught up with Tiffany Jenkins, Apprentice Team Leader, Bristol City Council:

How have apprenticeships supported your business? 

Apprenticeships are key to our business and serving the community of Bristol. It is really important that we recruit new apprentices into our business across a variety of programmes, apprenticeships provide us with the opportunity to develop these individuals with the right skills and knowledge that our business needs. Apprentices benefit from gaining employment with us, they receive quality training and are able to showcase their knowledge and skills by building their portfolio of evidence and secure future job opportunities.

On the other aspect, apprenticeships have been widely used to develop our existing workforce across a variety of programmes to enhance their knowledge, skills and behaviours. This has motivated our workforce and enabled many of our employees to progress on their career path.

What have you found to be the main benefits of apprenticeships to your business?

Apprenticeships enable us to develop the talent of new and existing staff. We are fortunate to meet many people that are at the start of their career journey and the apprenticeship route provides them with a really great foundation into our business and skills that will last them a lifetime. At the same time, we develop talent that we need for now and the future.

Apprenticeships are also available to everyone and they have been a valuable mechanism in helping us to diversify our workforce to represent the diversity of Bristol.

What do you see as the main role of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships to prospective learners, thinking about their post-16 options? 

Apprenticeships are an option for everyone and there are increasingly more higher and degree options available to access and consider. We take on apprentices from level 2 to level 7 across a range of areas, these include business, accountancy, civil engineering, solicitor and most recently public health.

For anyone thinking about their options, do as much research as possible and attend as many events – as often at events, you will hear from people that have taken specific apprenticeships routes and they’ll provide you with their own experience and what opportunities or challenges they faced.

How will apprenticeships shape the future of your business? 

We will continue to develop our apprenticeship offer, we are consistently looking at what new apprenticeships could work within our local authority. Our aim is to increase our offer of apprenticeships to people of Bristol, especially people that are at the start of their career journey and in return, we’ll gain highly skilled and competent employees that we need for the future of our business.

Find out more about Apprenticeships at UWE Bristol.

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