UWE Bristol Academic Spotlight: Professor Glenn Lyons

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Professor Lyons is the Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at UWE Bristol. He is partly seconded to Mott MacDonald and in turn involved in working with public sector transport clients across the world on addressing strategic transport planning in the face of social and technological change, uncertainty and a climate emergency.

In his role he led the development of FUTURES – Future Uncertainty Toolkit for Understanding and Responding to an Evolving Society. This is a vision-led six-stage approach to strategic planning for an uncertain world and is being applied increasingly in the transport sector while also being considered in other sectors such as water. This work demonstrates how he is able to translate academic insight into practically applied know-how.

“We must concern ourselves not only with the future of mobility but with the future of planning for the future of mobility. There is growing recognition internationally of the need for an evolution in how we address planning and investment for the future. FUTURES represents a key part of this evolution and a means to make decision making more resilient”.

Professor Glenn Lyons

Most recently he has also led a major piece of work for the UK Department for Transport in support of its Transport Decarbonisation Plan which involved developing a series of seven technology roadmaps for the reduction and removal of direct emissions from all modes of domestic transport by 2050.

Read the final report Decarbonising UK Transport

Formerly Professor of Transport and Society at UWE Bristol, Glenn is the Founder of the Centre for Transport & Society and was its first Director.

Professor Lyons’ research interests are:

● Strategic transport planning
● Transport, society and lifestyles
● Handling uncertainty
● Digital age implications for transport and travel
● Traveller information and Mobility-as-a-Service
● Travel behaviour
● Future mobility and accessibility
● Decarbonising transport

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