UWE Bristol Academic Spotlight: Associate Professor Dr Emma Weitkamp

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Dr Emma Weitkamp

As part of our focus on our Research Strength, Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience, we will be sharing spotlights on some of our academics working in that area.

Dr Emma Weitkamp, Associate Professor in Science Communication and Co-Director of the Science Communication Unit.

Emma teaches predominantly on UWE Bristol’s postgraduate science communication courses, and undertakes research and practice in science journalism, public relations and Sci-Art.

Her research interests explore narrative in science communication, considering both arts and media practice and the actors involved in science communication. Her current research explores the ways in which the digital media ecosystem is affecting science communication, quality indicators for science communication and motivations and deterrents for science communication practice through the Horizon 2020 funded RETHINK project.

She has been involved with the Science for Environment Policy since 2007, leading the team that delivers this policy-oriented environmental communications programme. Emma undertakes evaluation of science communication initiatives, including evaluating the impacts of training.

Emma also delivers continuing professional development training in science communication, recently running a programme for the British Council focusing on skills for early career researchers as well as providing training for the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative.

Emma is interested in barriers to engaging with climate risks and can undertake research to help you understand how these barriers affect you. She is also interested in research that explores the opportunities and barriers that researchers face in communicating research; to date much of this research has focused on research institutes, and she would be very interested in exploring these barriers in other contexts. Finally, she can provide training in practical skills in public engagement.

Click here for more information about Emma and her work.

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