UWE Bristol Academic Spotlight: Alexandros Stratakos, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Agri-Food Production

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Alexandros Stratakos

Alexandros is a Senior Lecturer and Wallscourt Fellow in Sustainable Agri-Food Production at UWE Bristol. He is working on the development of new strategies to ensure the safety, quality and sustainability of the food supply chain, with the overall aim of translating experimental results to real life applications to benefit industry, public bodies, consumers and to make a positive contribution to the economy and quality of life. He has been involved in national and international research projects (EU) and has been awarded funding from various sources, including industry.

Alexandros also delivers teaching related to food, microbiology and commercialisation of scientific discoveries (Scientific Frontiers and Enterprise module) at UWE Bristol.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Development of Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technology for Agri-Food Applications.
  • Development of novel interventions (e.g. physical, biological) that control foodborne pathogens during all phases of the food production chain.
  • Development of novel food and feed additives with antimicrobial and anti-virulence properties.
  • Microbiological food quality – focusing on plant and meat based products.
A brief description of how his academic expertise can be practically applied for a business partner 

Most of Alexandros’ research has been collaborative with industry. He has provided consultancy and research that has led to the commercialisation of products (e.g. food and feed additives) as well as the adoption of alternative food processing and food safety practises in industrial food production environments.

He can offer consultancy as well as research support to help food producers and farmers in new product development, developing tailored practises/interventions to improve food safety and reduce food waste and help them assess how current and emerging technologies can work for them.

Example of the research work in Alexandros’ lab  – Development of cold plasma technology as a novel food processing method to increase food safety and reduce food waste

For more information about Alexandros’ work please click here

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