Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience Round Up

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For the past three months, we have been focusing on sharing content with you around Sustainability and Climate Change Resilience, one of our four research strengths.

The challenges of global warming, finite resources and shrinking biodiversity could not be clearer – the future of the planet and our world is at stake and we won’t get a second chance. Net-zero carbon buildings, sustainable mobility, green agriculture, emissions and air quality are just some of the critical issues we are tackling.

Our research strengths include:

  • transforming construction, infrastructure and design
  • food security, water management and air quality
  • future mobility, connectivity and place.

We have shared with you a guide to COP26, discussed the importance of sustainable fashion, shared sustainable businesses in our University Enterprise Zone and highlighted our Research Centres and Groups within this area, to name a few.

The below blog shares some of our favourite blogs from the past few months.

Our next focus is our research strength Digital Futures. We look forward to sharing more of our amazing research with you.

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