Slow Violence and River Abuse: The Hidden effect of Land use on water quality exhibition

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  • An exhibition of the Connecting Research pilot project.
  • Bower Ashton F Block Gallery Jan 31st – Feb 3rd 2023
  • Opening preview Thursday 2nd Feb 2023, 5pm-7pm

An exhibition on Slow Violence and River Abuse, part of the Connecting Research Pilot project, will take place in the Bower Ashton F Block Gallery, Jan 31st– Feb 3rd 2023.

The exhibition will display some of the outcomes from a cross department research pilot looking at the hidden effect of Land use on water quality.

Researchers Dr Gillian Clayton; Professor Darren Reynolds; Niamh Fahy and Associate Professor Sarah Bodman have been collaborating on a project in Somerset, UK, from which Niamh is using data and samples collected by Gillian, to create printed outcomes that investigate and respond to the relationship between land use and aquatic health. The work uses several print processes which respond to the specificity of water bodies investigated and the initial findings gathered through fieldwork and lab analysis.

Niamh Fahy is an artist and UWE Bristol researcher at the Centre for Print Research, investigating the possibilities and capacity for the print artist to challenge and expand modes of understanding anthropogenic changes within landscape. Niamh is interested in expanding interdisciplinary research projects between print artists and environmental science groups.

Dr Gillian Clayton is a UWE Bristol researcher in Water Sciences at the Centre for Research in Biosciences. Gillian Clayton is working on international sustainable development projects in the water, agri-food and health sectors, focussing on small-scale electrochemical treatment technologies to treat fresh waters.

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