Research into student fears of oral presentations receives over 20k downloads

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Recent research undertaken by academics at UWE Bristol on student fears of oral presentations has been downloaded over 20k times since being published 11 months ago. The paper is currently the 2nd most read paper in the Journal of Further and Higher Education.

The research by Dr Rob Grieve,  Dr Stephen Hunt, Alison McKay and Dr Julie Woodley took a qualitative approach to understanding student fears of oral presentations and public speaking in higher education.

The objective of the research was to seek further insight into the concerns experienced by students who fear public speaking, including oral presentations. The team wanted to further determine if their fear affected their overall experience of higher education.

The results of the research identify the specific fears students have in public speaking and provides evidence of the overall negative effect on their higher education experience. The research provides further evidence that higher education institutions should acknowledge public speaking fear among some students and provide more support in oral presentation assessments.

Rob Grieve commented:

“I have been astounded by the impact this paper has had over such a short period of time. However, not surprised that this issue around student fear of public speaking has gained such traction, as the paper clearly outlines how this fear negatively impacts on the university experience.”

Many of the findings from the study have informed the “Student Voices” in Rob Grieve’s book called “Stand Up and Be Heard: Taking the Fear Out of Public Speaking at University”.

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