Research in Emergency Care Avon Collaborative Hub: Hospital or Not event

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Reach event

On 1st November, the Research in Emergency Care Avon Collaborative Hub (REACH) hosted an event e.xploring how to decide when hospital would benefit patients aged 65 or over.

The event was fully booked and had a great mix of paramedics, geriatricians and members of the public who enjoyed some fantastic discussion sessions and a delicious lunch in between presentations about frailty, minor head injury and major trauma.

Talks included:

  • Professor Jay Banerjee on Frality
  • Dr Helen Nicholson on minor head injury in older people
  • Emma Page & Hayden Frazer on the North Bristol Care Home Interface Project
  • Jean Palmer & Edmund Brooks on the paitent’s perspective

The event included a simulation by the UWE Bristol Student Paramedic Simulation Society of an ambulance crew attending an older person who had fallen. Two members of the public also shared their experiences of being full time carers.

The discussions throughout the day were fascinating and will help to inform the future research in the area of emergency care for older people.

REACH is a collaborative research hub in Bristol that aims to improve the delivery of urgent and emergency care.


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