Professional Development Course: Flourishing at Work

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UWE Bristol are pleased to be offering a new short course, “Flourishing at Work”.

This is an experiential course, facilitated by James Costello, a leading workplace consultant, psychotherapist and trainer.

The course goes beyond a palliative approach to wellbeing, which assumes stress is a failure of someone to cope with an emotionally challenging workplace, offering instead strategies to forget or survive things. Whether working in classrooms, health-care settings, or hospitality we all recognise the emotional labour of “putting on a show” when we least feel like it.

The pandemic accelerated our understanding of work as a place to go; work instead is a place to be in complex and multi-layered networks of relationships.

Through the use of “One at a Time” in-person experiential workshops, which include both individual and group-work, you will explore issues including:

  • Understanding the pressure-points in the context of your unique setting.
  • Develop your listening skills, enabling you to diffuse emotionally charged situations differently.
  • Learn to notice emotional “triggers” and have different outcomes.
  • Reflect on your negotiating style when resolving conflict.
  • Become more aware of boundary issues regarding relationships that go beyond face-to-face, which includes virtual real-time and out-of-time working.

What you will gain:

  • An understanding of the boundaries between home and work.
  • Insights into working structures to inform change processes in your context.
  • The capacity to understand yourself and others in your context.

If you are interested in this course, the dates and further information can be found below:

27 April 202309:30 – 16:30Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus
10 May 202309:30 – 16:30Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus

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