NEW Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture (DETI) Free Short Course

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A man using a virtual reality headset

In line with fulfilling the needs of the Digital Skills requirements in the Engineering sector, UWE Bristol and the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation  programme (DETI) with its partner companies are organising a free, pre-recorded/online skills and training CPD course on visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture. This course will be available to complete this June, with an Induction session on the 15 June 2022. 

Please click on the link below for further information, to make an enquiry and how to book:  

Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture (DETI) 

This course is organised as an interactive session with a lot of information and practical activity targeted at helping you understand the basics. Visualisation Technologies in Digital Design and Manufacture refers to immersive mixed reality technologies, with a key focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), and their potential beneficial applications within design, manufacture, and general enterprise environments. 


This course is designed for learners with a technology, computer science or engineering background, who are in their early career looking to specialise into digital engineering, or those currently working in these sectors and looking to develop their existing skills: graduates, apprentices, technicians, engineers, operators, and anyone interested in upskilling or reskilling their knowledge in the subject area. 

The course aligns with the University’s commitment to transform futures: powering the future workforce.  

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