National Apprenticeship Week: Higher and degree apprenticeships at UWE Bristol – Jennifer

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Jennifer, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) Occupational Therapy Apprenticeship

Jennifer is currently studying a higher and degree apprenticeship in Occupational Therapy at UWE Bristol. Here’s what she had to say about higher and degree apprenticeships.

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Question 1: What motivated you to become a higher or degree apprentice?

My apprenticeship opened the door to my career development, helping me to develop as a person and learn the skills required to progress in my journey towards becoming a qualified occupational therapist.    

Question 2: What skills have you gained during your apprenticeship which will benefit your career development?

I’m constantly learning new skills both within the workplace and at university, and by working alongside studying I can apply my university learning to real life practice. Being a part of the workforce in my chosen profession has meant that I can learn from other professionals and understand how the workplace operates. This will hopefully allow for a smooth transition from apprentice to professional, once qualified.          

Question 3: What are the top three things you would recommend to someone thinking about becoming a higher or degree apprentice?

1. The ability to gain the skills needed for your profession and be able to apply them to real life experiences at work.

2. It opens the door to career progression, which may not have been available to you before through ‘traditional’ study.

3. It helps to improve your employability as prospective employers will be able to see that you can apply yourself to the demands of both work and study.

Question 4: What are your future goals after completing your apprenticeship?

My goals are to start my career as an Occupational Therapist and continuing to learn for the development of occupational therapy profession and enhancing patient care.      

Question 5: Tell us a bit about your experience while doing your apprenticeship at UWE Bristol? (E.g. have you overcome any challenges?)

I started my apprenticeship at UWE Bristol and Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership alongside moving to a different part of the country. I had to adjust to my new roles as apprentice/employee and new surroundings. However, support from UWE Bristol and my workplace made the transition as smooth as possible.

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