National Apprentice Week 2022: Meet the Employer Avon and Somerset Police 

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As part of National Apprentice Week 2022, we will be highlighting some of our Apprentices, Employers and Academics.

In this Meet the Employer, we caught up with Mike Carter, Head of Learning, Avon and Somerset Police:

How have apprenticeships supported your business? 

Apprenticeships have allowed Policing to provide its new recruits with the opportunity to attain a full professional qualification at level 6. Whilst there were previous police related academic qualifications available, these were not possible to be achieved alongside a working role and very related to the day to day role the apprentice would be carrying. The ability for apprentices to a professionally recognised qualification through an educational institute has opened the door to a level of attainment they would not have been able to before, due to the financial commitment required by an individual to complete that level of education. The added ability to attain the level 2 qualifications in Maths and English has enabled our organisation to open the door to a more diverse group of people, who include those whose first language is not English and whom were educated in another country. This group also included those people who left education before the L2 Maths & English standard was introduced.

What have you found to be the main benefits of apprenticeships to your business? 

The biggest benefit of the apprenticeship to our organisation is the ability to provide our recruits with a professional qualification alongside and related to their role. 
The apprenticeship programme has not stifled the unique nature of our business, but instead complimented it and given us the flexibility to enrol students onto it a different times of the year and not tied into any academic year.

What do you see as the main role of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships to prospective learners, thinking about their post-16 options? 

These apprenticeships provide students with a variety of choice and a pathway that is best suited to them. We have already mentioned the restrictions the financial burden of the conventional degree is placing on some groups, which is paid for via the levy on recognised apprenticeships. With these apprenticeships there is also the opportunity to gain a conventional degree, whilst learning a trade and being paid.

How will apprenticeships shape the future of your business? 

Apprenticeships have added a new dimension to the offerings available in our organisation and as time goes by and knowledge of the programme and our business grows, we believe it will attract many different people to the role. 

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