National Apprentice Week 2022: Meet the Apprentice Latifah Salawu

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Meet the apprentice

As part of National Apprentice Week 2022, we will be highlighting some of our Apprentices, Employers and Academics.

In this Meet the Apprentice, we caught up with Latifah Salawu, L6 Chartered Surveyor Apprentice working with Faithful+Gould:

What attracted you to becoming a Higher or Degree apprentice? 

I was attracted to becoming a Degree Apprentice through loving the idea of learning on the job and obtaining a degree / professional accreditation at the same time. Also, I was attracted to gaining practical skills within the workplace which I knew would benefit the early stages of my career. I always knew I wanted to do some form an apprenticeship rather than taking the academic route of going to university straight after completing my A Levels.

Thinking about your apprenticeship experience to date, what have been the main benefits to your career development? 

1. Being able to work alongside industry experts who can pass down their valuable knowledge
2. Working in different multi-disciplinary teams and having the options to move around to learn new things.
3. Studying towards my degree (learning the academic side of the industry to support my training and allow me to apply theoretical knowledge to my job.
4. Being able to complete my APC (assessment of professional competence) with the help of industry experts / senior staff who can guide me on decisions to best support my development and allow me to become a chartered surveyor.

What are the top three things you would recommend to someone thinking about becoming a Higher or Degree apprentice? 

1. Be yourself. I am happy to be employed by a really great company where they are supportive with not only your career but also your day to day activities, hobbies etc.
2. Plan exactly what you want to achieve out of the apprenticeship. For example, if you believe that there is something in particular you would like to get involved with, plan how this would benefit your career development but also your personal development and make this clear in your application / interview.
3. Be willing to learn. Being an apprentice requires learning all the time, shadowing other staff but also learning new processes and knowledge at university.

What are your future goals beyond completion of your apprenticeship? 

After completing my apprenticeship, I am hoping to be sitting my End Point Assessment and become a chartered surveyor. I also hope to work on new projects within the United Kingdom or Internationally.

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