National Apprenticeship Week 2023: Higher and degree apprenticeships at UWE Bristol – Simon

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We are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. Hear our Head of Apprenticeships, Simon Flenley-Pond, talking about why our higher and degree apprenticeships are so important for the employer, university, and apprentice.  

Find out more about our higher and degree apprenticeships. 

Simon Flenley-Pond talks about the importance of apprenticeships

To choose UWE Bristol as an employer means that your apprentices are going to gain from high quality teaching and learning from staff who have often got industry experience and have worked in the kind of roles that they’re delivering to the apprentices.

We also work closely with employers through the design process, so when we are designing or redesigning apprenticeships, we often work with employers to make sure that the curriculum that we’re offering is right for the role that apprentices are in, or going to be in.

And what we also do is partner with employers throughout the program. So, we take your feedback, we look at that as part of our program redesign, and we’re always looking to support your voice within our continuous improvement plans for any of our programs.

The university are really invested in apprenticeships. It speaks to our core offer around vocational learning and training. We also know that our apprenticeships are working. We’ve delivered to over 2,500 apprentices since we’ve become an apprenticeship training provider. We’re now delivering across 25 apprenticeship standards across health, science, protective services, engineering, construction, and management.

With that, we’re also delivering to over 300 employers and on a national basis. So, we know that our provision is reaching corners of the country where there perhaps isn’t provision available. We also know that apprentices and employers are benefiting from this, allowing them access to higher education that they may not have been able to get elsewhere.

The apprenticeship offer at UWE Bristol is flexible and programs are often delivered in a hybrid model. So, apprentices have the flexibility to learn online when they are perhaps local, or perhaps when they have work commitments. That is balanced out with time at the university, which is really beneficial not just to the apprentice, but also to the employer. So, for instance, apprentices will have access to lab space, which gives them the real-world skills to be able to take back into the workplace and enhance their career development. Also allowing their productivity in the workplace to be much more efficient.

What we also find with our hybrid offer is that we are reaching a broader range of employers and apprentices across the country as well.

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Find out more about our higher and degree apprenticeships and explore the many higher and degree apprenticeship courses on offer with us.

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