Digital Skills support from UWE Bristol provides varied and in-depth development opportunities for SMEs

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Digital Skills

UWE Bristol’s Digital Skills: Workforce for the Future project has grown significantly since its launch in April, and offers free support to SMEs looking to improve business productivity and sustainability through enhancing the digital skills and capabilities of their workforce.

All of the below support is available free of charge to SMEs in the West of England:

Digital Health Checks

Our expert advisors will work with you to discuss your strategic aims and ensure your digital capabilities support these. We will work with you to analyse your organisation across 5 key areas:

  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Process, Operations & Data
  • People, Culture & Organisation
  • Technology & Security
  • Customer Insight & Interaction

We will then work with you to create an action plan and identify suitable learning and development that will have the most significant impact to your operational requirements.

Digital Skills Training

Using the results of all of Digital Health checks across the project we will develop and deliver bespoke training courses that meet the needs of the workforce in the region.

All of the courses will fall into one of the 5 areas that the Digital Health Check assesses, and in each area, training will follow the below structure:

  • Introductory bitesize courses (individual skills and learning)
  • In depth workforce training for specific skill-sets, tools or technology: Both building on introductory courses and for those with a base understanding of the topic matter
  • Senior Management Training solutions for adaptive organisational culture
  • Access to accredited learning and qualifications if appropriate

To view the full list of courses and to register your interest, please visit our webpage here.

Digital Consultancy Projects

SMEs with a specific and more complex digital need will be able to request consultancy support to help you improve, develop and embed enhanced digital processes and workforce skillsets into your business.

With our extensive range of sector-specific knowledge and expertise, we will work with you to understand your challenge or opportunity, to find the best approach for your business by matching your needs to one of our ‘Digital Consultants’ drawn from our academic, student and external consultant networks.

To find out about application windows and how to apply, visit our Digital Consultancy page here.

Digital Mentors

Digital mentors are individuals who will work on a 1-2-1 basis with an employee or with a small group (max 3 employees) to support them in developing confidence in their fundamental digital skills. The employee will identify a task(s) they find challenging or want to improve their confidence in and the mentor will then work with them over a series of online sessions to develop their confidence and skills, and translate the knowledge gained from formal training into real life work situations.  

The software and technology our digital mentors can provide support in, will be mainly based around Microsoft Office, however we will look to support other products where possible.  

Cyber Hygiene Check

The Cyber Hygiene Check will review your current processes and systems to help you understand possible security risks and vulnerabilities and assess the resilience of your organisation.  

From this, we will work with you to look at how you can build you capabilities in this area across the organisation to become more resilient.  

To receive any of the support mentioned, you need to be registered with Digital Skills – Workforce for the Future. Register your details to receive a call back here. 


UWE Bristol is delivering Workforce for the Future on behalf of the West of England Combined Authority.

Please visit the West of England Combined Authority to find out more about other partners delivering Workforce for the Future.

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