New Short Course: Managing Menopause in the Workplace

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The menopause is a natural life transition stage that will affect 51% of the population. The menopause may lead to a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms and individuals may encounter difficulties at work as a result of their symptoms.

Did you know, nationally, 25% of women leave their role during menopause? This is shockingly high and in many cases potentially avoidable. 

There are many recognised symptoms of the menopause. Each colleague will be affected in different ways and to different degrees over different periods of time, and menopausal symptoms can often indirectly affect their partners, families and colleagues as well.

To support your workforce, there needs to be a better understanding of the symptoms and the support available.

Course Content

This open and inclusive 2-hour session will uncover the truths about menopause and how it can affect a woman and the ways in which symptoms could be supported.

Included in this course:

  • What is menopause?
  • We will explore some of the known symptoms.
  • Normalising & coping with the symptoms of menopause.
  • Treatments and how we can help ourselves & others.
  • Q&A

Learning and Teaching

Our Approach

We are a team. Each of us has experienced women’s health issues differently in our lives and in our work. And we want to share these experiences with you. We don’t assume we know how it is for you. We use our expertise to provide knowledge in a group setting, talking frankly and honestly and answering questions.

Who are we and what qualifies us to do this work?

We are Helen Robson, Dr Pippa Vickery and Vicki Hill: An executive coach, a GP, and a health and fitness expert specialising in women’s health.

Date & Time

  • Wednesday 26 April
  • 13:00 – 15:00
  • Frenchay Campus

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For any further enquiries, please contact the CPD team via this form.

Please note

In order to preserve the learning and to ensure that the session is inclusive for everyone, we apply boundaries to the Q&A session. It is not a surgery, nor is it an opportunity to discuss individual cases. We are very lucky to have a GP in the team. Pippa is there to provide expert knowledge, not to give consultations nor field NHS enquiries.

Professional Development Course: Flourishing at Work

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UWE Bristol are pleased to be offering a new short course, “Flourishing at Work”.

This is an experiential course, facilitated by James Costello, a leading workplace consultant, psychotherapist and trainer.

The course goes beyond a palliative approach to wellbeing, which assumes stress is a failure of someone to cope with an emotionally challenging workplace, offering instead strategies to forget or survive things. Whether working in classrooms, health-care settings, or hospitality we all recognise the emotional labour of “putting on a show” when we least feel like it.

The pandemic accelerated our understanding of work as a place to go; work instead is a place to be in complex and multi-layered networks of relationships.

Through the use of “One at a Time” in-person experiential workshops, which include both individual and group-work, you will explore issues including:

  • Understanding the pressure-points in the context of your unique setting.
  • Develop your listening skills, enabling you to diffuse emotionally charged situations differently.
  • Learn to notice emotional “triggers” and have different outcomes.
  • Reflect on your negotiating style when resolving conflict.
  • Become more aware of boundary issues regarding relationships that go beyond face-to-face, which includes virtual real-time and out-of-time working.

What you will gain:

  • An understanding of the boundaries between home and work.
  • Insights into working structures to inform change processes in your context.
  • The capacity to understand yourself and others in your context.

If you are interested in this course, the dates and further information can be found below:

27 April 202309:30 – 16:30Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus
10 May 202309:30 – 16:30Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus

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Creativity & Innovation for Strategic Leaders

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UWE Bristol are pleased to be offering a new 5-day course; “Creativity & Innovation for Strategic Leaders”.

This course is designed to familiarise participants with the important aspects of innovation and provide frameworks and practical tips to implement innovation in their own teams / organisations. By learning about why organisations struggle with innovation, participants will come away with insight into how they can overcome this to create and capture value.

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Understand the need for innovation within an organisation
  • Assess an opportunity for innovation and improvement in own organisation
  • Understand organisational and team-level factors required to support creativity and innovation
  • Gain and use a range of tools and techniques to generate and lead innovative options to deliver the improvement identified
  • Understand the innovation implementation process and how best to organise for innovation to enhance performance

The learning on this course is experiential and enquiry based. Each of the five days include a balance of theory input, practice exercises, peer feedback and discussion.

If you are interested in this course, the dates and further information can be found below:

18 April 202309:30 – 16:30Online
2 May 202309:30 – 16:30Online
16 May 202309:30 – 16:30Online
6 June 202309:30 – 16:30Online
26 June 202309:30 – 16:30Frenchay Campus

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If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via the enquiry form.

UWE Bristol to provide a Echocardiography Training Programme

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Following a competitive tendering process, staff from the College of Health, Science and Society at UWE Bristol have been awarded a Health Education England (HEE) contract to provide a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Echocardiography (Echocardiography Training Programme, ETP). The ETP first ran as a pilot in 2020 and subsequently two HEIs were commissioned to deliver training. This recent HEE procurement for additional training provision is in response to urgent workforce needs.

The term echocardiography refers to medical imaging of the heart using sound waves, similar to the ultrasound scans performed during pregnancy. The procedure is routinely used to look at structures within the heart and to assess its functionality, for example following a heart attack or diagnosis of heart failure. It is also used to diagnose conditions such as congenital heart disease or heart valve problems. There is a significant shortfall in cardiac physiology staffing currently, combined with a substantial increase in demand, especially for staff trained to deliver echocardiography services. As an accelerated training option for individuals with existing relevant qualifications, the ETP provides a means to grow the workforce rapidly, thus reducing waiting times for diagnostic and follow-up appointments.

Dr Karina Stewart, Associate Head of the School of Applied Sciences (Subject Lead for Healthcare Science), Mr Duncan Sleeman (Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology) and Dr Kathryn Yuill (Senior Lecturer in Physiology) lead on submission of the tender response. Dr Stewart said that they were delighted with the outcome. She added that the Level 7 ETP would be an important addition to the portfolio of healthcare science training currently offered at UWE, which includes a degree apprenticeship (Level 6) Cardiac Physiology Practitioner Training Programme (PTP). The team were successful in a bid for HEE funding to purchase equipment and software for simulation of cardiac ultrasound in 2021. This will be key to the delivery of training to ETP students, which will be through a combination of on-campus block weeks and online teaching.

The Health Education England contract is for three years in the first instance. Delivery of the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Echocardiography will begin in October 2023.

Find out more about our Health Postgraduate courses.

NEW Air Quality courses available

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Following the success of the online offer over the past 3 years the Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC) in the School of Architecture and Environment, are pleased to once again offer these courses in person on the UWE Bristol Frenchay Campus.

Please click on the links below for further information, to make an enquiry and for information on how to book:

Additionally, there are online materials available from the 06 March 2023.

Delivered with a mixture of self-learning and face-to-face delivery, the courses provide attendees with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the area of Air Quality. The courses will appeal primarily to local authorities, consultancies, government agencies and regulatory bodies and students, in the fields of air quality, planning, transport, architecture, environmental science and public health. These courses are IAQM-accredited

Accreditations and partnerships: 

On these courses, delegates cover the basics of air quality management and policy, including what causes air pollution and its effects, before looking at monitoring and modelling techniques using ADMS-Roads. They also learn about the role of planning in air quality and explore how air pollution can be tackled.  

The courses align with the University’s commitment to sustainability.  

Course lead and Associate Professor for Clean Air, Dr Jo Barnes, commented on the success of the courses:   

“Our IAQM-accredited Air Quality CPD short courses, underpinned by our research and teaching, aim to provide a comprehensive overview to enable those with little or no knowledge on the subject, to those with years of experience, the tools and ability to apply their learning in their workplaces. The combination of extensive access to online materials provided in advance, the live presentation and interactivity of the practical sessions, really bring this subject to life and gives delegates the chance to also learn from each other.”  

Course attendee Amelia Rivers, Environmental Health Officer commented:   

“The learning I will apply back at work will be the importance of monitoring air quality when looking at planning applications and really think about the potential effects on air quality the proposed application can have.”  

You can download the full information leaflet below:

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