An enhanced Partnership PhD scheme at UWE Bristol

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UWE Bristol has recently announced a significant increase in funding for organisations interested in Partnership PhDs. 

A Partnership PhD bridges the gap between organisations and universities. It enables an organisation to gain access to cutting-edge real world research that can help transform it.

The Partnership establishes a relationship between an organisation and UWE Bristol, based on a specific project that is mutually beneficial.

Organisations have the opportunity to choose a relevant research area and gain access to cutting-edge research. The researcher will  work extensively with an organisation to provide a tailored piece of research. 

In turn, the researcher will gain an opportunity to pursue their research in a real-world setting, developing transferable and interdisciplinary skills whilst gaining cross-sector experience.

Over the past two years, the Graduate School, part of the Research, Business and Innovation team at UWE Bristol, has been developing the Partnership PhD scheme.  Through it, UWE’s investment in PGR has been matched by over £1m from 23 partner organisations – an amount that we now hope to significantly increase.  

You can apply for a Partnership PhD here.

Please find below full Partnership PhD guidance and costings:

View the flyer for businesses here or view the slides below:

Email to find out more. 

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