Academic Spotlight: Dr Kyle Alves

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Dr Kyle Alves is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems & Operations Management. He is a member of The Innovation, Operations Management & Supply (IOMS) Research Group, in the management team of Data Research, Access & Governance Network (DRAGoN) as well as being a member of the Food Systems Research Network at UWE Bristol.

Kyle is a Researcher with a desire to remain engaged with businesses on real-world challenges.  His research and engagement projects examine the overlapping areas of management, new technologies, and coordinated supply chains.  Kyles research goals target ways in which positive social impact can be maximised using innovative new technologies and approaches to managing operations.

He is currently researching technology-enhanced operational delivery systems, spanning from supply chains to customers, and how these new systems can support data-driven business models. Some of these approaches have been called Product-Service Systems, Servitisation, and Digitally-Enhanced Advanced Services.

His work tends to focus on the implementation of new approaches at the process level, effectively changing the way the organisation works. The potential impact of new technologies can be very tempting for an organisation, but generally there’s a need to understand the existing processes and measures in the business that will be affected. By better understanding how the organisation works prior to any change, new solutions can be better integrated into how the organisation works towards its strategic goals. This process-focused approach also helps to better understand key performance metrics and align the right choices of new technology to help deliver against those measures.

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