Free HEA Workshop on Decision Making, April 2014

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By Dr Harriet Shortt.

Hi all!

I’ve just been sent an email that I thought some of you might be interested in:

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is running a workshop as
part of the HEA’s 2013-2014 Social Science seminar series. The topic of the
workshop is on decision making in business and management education. The workshop will be held on 23rd April 2014 at Plymouth University. More details about the workshop venue will be available nearer the workshop date. Attendance to the workshop is free and the booking is now open through the HEA’s website:

Best wishes to you all! Harriet

Re-imagining Learning Spaces Conference 2013

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By Dr Harriet Shortt


Last week I went to the second Re-imagining Learning Spaces Conference, at the University of South Wales. This was a great one-day FREE! conference organised by The Learning Spaces Pedagogic Research Group, chaired by Dr Bela Arora, and IBI Nightingale, represented by Head of Research and Development, Caroline Paradise. Despite being a rainy and grey day in South Wales (and boy did it rain!), this was an enlightening and energetic day! There was a great mix of academic staff from all over the UK, architects, facilities professionals, librarians, designers and space consultants – which made for some lively and varied group discussions.

The day started with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from Dr Bela Arora, who highlighted the important connections we should be making between facilities, space and the aesthetics of our universities, the student voice, innovative teaching, well-being and the student experience.

Next, we enjoyed a fascinating keynote from Dr Mark Moss at the University of Northumbria. Mark’s work – in the school of psychology – explores smell and the environmental application of aromas. Apart from learning a new word – ‘anosmics: people who can’t smell!’ – I thought Mark’s work was really thought provoking…and apart from Prof Sam Warren and Dr Kat Riach’s ESRC funded ‘smell’ project, Mark is one of the few people who I have heard talk about detailed research into the significance of smell in the workplace, learning space or indeed any space! He talked about scientific trials exploring the smell of rosemary and its impact on long-term memory…other work that examined the relationship between the smell of peppermint and exercise, smells when we go clubbing, smells when we go shopping, and using the scent of lavender in toilets in the workplace in Japan to enable people to ‘rest more successfully’!

Our small group discussions then raised some key issues, where we debated ‘what are the characteristics of the ideal learning environment?’…lots came out around facilitating teaching and learning relationships, ownership, togetherness, technology…and that the little things matter!

After lunch we had a great tour of the award-winning Students’ Union building at the University of South Wales – we all took lots of pictures, asked loads of questions and along the way debated how various spaces would work at our own universities, what wouldn’t work, what spaces could be used differently, how and why  acoustics are really important and although we talk about togetherness and community…what does it really mean and does it really work?

Our second keynote was from Prof. Alexi Marmot at UCL. Alexi discussed design and the management of innovative learning spaces and covered broad ground in this area, including technology, using an Action Research approach to exploring this emerging topic in more detail, and’ future proofing’ the space in our institutions.

An important part of the day was the Student Panel Discussion, where we heard from a number of students across the university and how they felt about their teaching and learning spaces. This was an insightful session where we heard about where students work most effectively, what times of the day they worked and again…how the little things mattered to them too!

Finally we heard from the Director-General of the Department of Education and Skills, Welsh Government, the Programme Director for 21st Century Schools, Welsh Assembly Government, Caroline Paradise at IBI Nightingale and the Site Librarian of the award-winning Trevithick Library at Cardiff University. For me, this last session drew together some important threads – we need to make sure that we talk to those in across the education sector and learn from them; that we should identify the ‘space champions’ in our institutions and work with them during change management process; that pre and post occupancy research is vital…and once we ‘move in’ to our spaces, that’s not the end – as Alexi Marmot said, that’s just the start and the academic community needs to continually work together to ensure that spaces and places are always working well for those that inhabit them!

Thanks to everyone involved in this conference – and I’m looking forward to Re-imagining Learning Spaces, 2014!

Harriet Shortt

P.S. Apologies for the repeat post for those that follow my personal blog: …I thought this one was worth sharing here too 🙂

Organization Studies update and reminder…

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By Dr Harriet Shortt

Hi all!

We posted details of the Organization Studies ‘5 special issues call’ some weeks ago….please see previous post for all the details…but it looks like there is an extended deadline…and in addition, news of an OS Workshop!…please see below for details:

The abstract submission website for the 9th OS Workshop is now open. You may visit: to see the call for papers for the 9th OS
Workshop on: “Resistance, resisting, and resisters in and around organizations” that will take place between the 22nd and the 24th of May in Corfu, Greece. You can submit your abstract to the following link:

There is an extended the deadline for submissions on the Special Issue on “The transformative and innovative power of network dynamics”, Guest Edited by : Stewart Clegg, Emmanuel Josserand, Ajay Mehra, and Tyrone Pitsis until October 30th 2013. You may submit your paper at:

Thanks all! 🙂


Call for papers – OLKC 2014 in Norway!

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Please see below for details:

Circuits of Knowledge”

OLKC 2014 – International Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities



We are continuing the tradition of offering scholars interested in the topics of organizational learning, knowledge and capabilities the opportunity to meet, engage and develop their ideas.

Two internationally leading academics are confirmed keynote speakers:

Stewart Clegg – Professor at the University of Technology in Sydney and the research Director of Centre of Management and Organisation Studies Research) at UTS. Professor Clegg is a leading international researcher recognised in a number of fields in the social sciences for his work in organisation studies and on power. He is one of the most published and cited authors in the top-tier journals in the Organization Studies field. Furthermore, Clegg is the author of two widely used textbooks on Management & Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (with Kornberger and Pitsis) and Strategy: Theory and Practice (with Carter, Kornberger and Schweitzer). He is also the chief editor of the Handbook of Organization Studies (with Hardy, Nord and Lawrence), Handbook of Power (with Haugaard) and Handbook of Macro-Organizational Behaviour (with Cooper).

Georg von Krogh – Professor at ETH Zurich and Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation. Professor von Krogh is well-known for his research on competitive strategy, technological innovation, and knowledge management. He has published in Harvard Business Review, Management Science, Organization Science, Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies, and Strategic Management Journal etc. He is a Senior Editor of Organization Studies, and an Editorial Board member of various journals including the European Management Journal, European Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Long Range Planning.

Please check our website for updated details, including information about guidelines for submissions, pre-conference activities (paper workshop, doctoral consortium and teaching workshop) registration, venue and keynote speakers.

We hope to see you in Oslo in April 2014!

Yours sincerely

Cathrine Filstad, Jon Erland Lervik, Thomas Hoholm and Bjørn Erik Mørk

Organizers for OLKC 2014