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Who are the new Editors?

Gareth Edwards, Professor of Leadership and Community Studies at UWE and Doris Schedlitzki, Professor of Organisational Leadership at London Metropolitan University have taken over the Editorship for the Sage journal Leadership.

Gareth and Doris have been involved with the journal since its inception in different capacities: as authors of numerous articles, long standing members of the Editorial Board and more recently as Associate Editors. Leadership has been the home of much needed critical voices in leadership studies for almost 20 years, where authors can ‘pose awkward questions and critique mainstream scholarship’ (Tourish, 2022). Now they take over the running of the journal, Gareth and Doris are continuing to strengthen this critical mission and enabling diverse, critical voices to be heard. They aim to continue the journal’s success in becoming one of the top journals in leadership and organisation studies.

Photo of Doris Schedlitzki
Professor Doris Schedlitzki
Professor Gareth Edwards

How to get involved

If you wish to publish in the journal, Gareth and Doris have three key tips: be critical, be relevant and be complete.

  • In being critical they suggest that you should work with the critical agenda that has developed in leadership studies over the last 10 years (for example, see Collinson, 2011; 2017, Ford, 2010; Tourish, 2015). This is where empirical and conceptual works challenge the norm and question mainstream views of leadership.
  • Being relevant means being in tune with current leadership thinking, tying into current debates and narratives on the subject. This can be both theoretical and current, in the sense of how leadership is portrayed in the wider world and in current affairs.
  • Being complete means having a submission that has a logical flow – a complete narrative. Your submissions should tell a story and ultimately provide a contribution to theory and practice in and around leadership.

Further details on the focus of the journal can be read on Doris and Gareth’s inaugural editorial.

Gareth and Doris are continually looking for differing inputs to help develop into the journal. If you have questions, ideas or would like to become involved please get in touch with Gareth or Doris.


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