Well done Eda and Leah!

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Leah Tomkins and Eda Ulus have been awarded the Best Developmental Paper at the Management Learning conference, hosted by Lancaster University! The paper was called “What is being experienced in experiential learning”

What are YOU doing on the 24th June?

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The University of Bath School of Management would like to invite you to an Organization Studies seminar on 24th June 10 am – 2 pm by two eminent communications & organizational discourse scholars.

10.00am – 11.15am

Professor Linda Putnam, University of California, Santa Barbara

Contradictions, Dialectics and Paradoxes as Discourse Approaches to Organizational Analysis

11.30am – 12.45 pm

Professor Gail Fairhurst, University of Cincinnati

Flux Leadership Amidst the Tensions of Complex Organizational Life

Followed by Lunch

We would be delighted to welcome you for this  seminar. If are able to attend, please register by email to researchoffice@management.bath.ac.uk by 3rd June 2013.

Kaffe Fassett was Fabulous!

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Kaffe Fassett Day Out 006I spent a great afternoon at the Fashion and Textile Museum last week, visiting the Kaffe Fassett ‘a life in colour’ exhibition. His work was just wonderful, full of detail, colour and design. The exhibition includes all sorts of media including mosaic, needlepoint, quilting and knitting.
If you fancy going and getting some inspiration for a creative project, I can highly recommend it! Check out: www.ftmlondon.org


Leah Tomkins – it’s all about the experience of happiness! :)

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This project is a collaboration with Virginia Eatough and Zoe Boden at Birkbeck, University of London.  We are interested in what it is like to feel happy – both in terms of its felt, embodied sense and in terms of the way it is thematised.  The former aspect dovetails with our phenomenological interest in first-person experience.  The latter aspect is particularly applicable to critical organisational studies, because it suggests ways in which the experience of happiness is – and is not – captured in organisational categories such as ‘well-being’, ‘morale’, ‘commitment’, ‘satisfaction’, etc.  Virginia is a well-known figure in the phenomenology of emotions field, and has discussed our preliminary findings on radio within the context of David Cameron’s desire to measure the nation’s happiness!   

Margaret Page’s recent work – equality and diversity

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In ‘Re-imagining equality and diversity: An arts based participative Inquiry’-
an article  accepted for publication by Management Learning, co authored with
Louise Grisoni of Oxford Brooks, Margaret makes the case for using arts based
methodologies for promoting diversity and equality in organisations.

Margaret’s book project ‘Chasing the Dream, gender equality in public
services’, co authored with Hazel Conley from Queen Mary’s College, based their
empirical research study, timely and topical now that equality legislation is
considered to be a ‘red tape challenge’ – will be published by Routledge – PTOA
December 2013.

Welcome to OS@UWE’s first blog!

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Welcome to the Organisation Studies blog at UWE! This is a place where we will be sharing bits and pieces of news about our research and teaching, including: new papers that are out; our publication updates; new teaching roles; modules; bids; work on consultancy projects; writing books and so on. Enjoy!