First speaker announced for 2018/19 BCEF Economic Research Seminar Series

On Thursday, 27th September, we will have the pleasure to hear the presentation by our dear guest Steven Bosworth (University ...
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Beyond pay gaps: Inequality at work

By the researchers of the "Earnings gaps and inequality at work" project, Bristol Business School. On 25 May 2018, UWE Economics ...
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The Role of Social Norms in Incentivising Energy Reduction in Organisations

By Peter Bradley UWE Economics researcher Peter Bradley, has just published a chapter on "The Role of Social Norms in ...
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Using the Indices of Multiple Deprivation – it is (so much) more than just a top-line indicator.

By Ian Smith There has been a lot of interest in measuring disadvantage over the past 20 years in the ...
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Bringing the ‘political’ back into the economy: A report from I Workshop in Contemporary Political Economy (UWE Bristol-Paris 1 Sorbonne)

By Danielle Guizzo and Bruno Tinel: The 1st Workshop in Contemporary Political Economy recently took place at the Bristol Business ...
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image of Mexico City

Mexico and Trump

By Laura Povoledo: I had the good fortune of visiting Mexico last year on a research visit funded by the ...
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A response to UWE gender pay gap reporting: looking at Bristol Business School

By the researchers of the ‘Earnings gaps and inequality at work’ project, BBS In compliance with new UK legislation, UWE Bristol ...
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melting polar ice sheet

What does climate change have to do with finance?

 by Yannis Dafermos (University of the West of England) and Maria Nikolaidi (University of Greenwich):   It is now widely ...
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customers stand at bar while bar worker pulls pint

Measuring non-compliance with minimum wages

by Felix Ritchie: When a minimum wage is set, ensuring that employees do get at least that minimum is a ...
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An orange sign against a grey sky reading Austerity Ahead

“A Remarkable National Effort”: The Dismal Arithmetic of Austerity

Dr Rob Calvert Jump and Dr Jo Michell assess public debt accounting in this article. In a recent tweet, George ...
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Training Researchers to Work with Confidential Data: A New Approach

Prof Felix Ritchie of UWE's Business School has recently spent time with the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and ...
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The Knowledge We Have Lost In Information – The History Of Information in Modern Economics, by Philip Mirowski and Edward Nik-Khah

Dr Sebastian Berger's book review is published in the Heterodox Economics Newsletter Fake news, post-truth, alternative facts, the commercialization of ...
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A photo of a man on top of a mountain above the clouds staring into the sun

Happiness in Bangladesh: The Role of Religion and Connectedness

Dr Tim Hinks, Senior Economics Lecturer at UWE, in conjunction with fellow academics Joe Devine and Arif Naveed have published ...
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Russia: A Mercantilist Economy

Dr Nadia Vanteeva, Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Bristol Business School, gives this abstract from her latest research project ...
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Degree Algorithms: Equity and Grade inflation

In his recent working paper Dave Allen highlights the substantial differences in the way that university degree calculations can be ...
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A close up of a page from the Financial Times

Are we heading for another economic crash?

Dr Susan Newman, Senior Lecturer in Economics, is interviewed by State of Nature State of Nature, the blog dedicated to ...
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