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So Much Student Voice! 

Posted by Cassie Agbehenu | 0 comments
Phew! What a couple of months it's been! The Student Experience Survey and the National Student Surveys have now closed as of 30th April.

Thank you to all of you who completed the surveys. We understand that sometimes it can feel like you're being asked to fill one out every week but these two surveys are of paramount importance. Thanks to all of our survey prize winners too! We hope you all enjoy your iPads, Kindles, Vouchers and iPods!

We improved our response rate to the NSS this year by 1.3%; unfortunately the SES response rate was down by 6.5% and at this stage we don't know why! If you have any thoughts on how the surveys are run or what we can do to encourage more students to complete them and have their voice heard, we'd welcome your comments (email

The full results of the NSS are released in the first week on August so at that point, we'll start looking at the data in lots of detail to see how areas of the university have been rated by our final year students. As for the SES, it's an internal survey so we can start this data analysis work a lot earlier.

The results of both the surveys will be shared with students and we'd love to know what you think. Do the results really reflect how the university should be focussing their efforts in improving student satisfaction? I write two headline theme reports for the surveys, and that tells the senior executive teams what i've interpreted as the key issues for students, and of course the parts of your experience that you're happy with. I hope I convey what students really mean, but to be sure of it, maybe highlight your key concerns to your student rep, programme leader or head of department!

Survey action plans will be shared with student reps at the first Student Rep Staff Forum of the year in September to ensure that programme teams are up to speed with how students really feel about their UWE experiences. The student voice is really important to us so the process of gathering all the feedback data from the surveys, sharing that with you and then doing something about it is crucial.

Next year, we're going to be a lot more vocal about how we respond to your feedback because we're proud to be working with you and we want you to know that your voices are listened to. Look out for feedback campaigns, focus groups, workshops, student rep events and more in 2014/15.

See you in the feedback future!
Cassie Agbehenu, Student Partnership Officer
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