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Student Surveys Are Amazing! Honestly!   

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It's that time of year when students are receiving email upon email inviting them to fill out another survey about their views. I'm sure many people get irritated very quickly by it or just ignore and delete these emails. But i'm here to tell you (or maybe beg you...) not to do that!

Currently we're inviting all students to take part in the National Student Survey (for all final year undergraduates) and the Student Experience Survey (for all other taught students, including PGT). These are not just any other survey. These ACTUALLY HAVE AN IMPACT. Yes really!

The outcome of these surveys not only have an impact on our national positioning but they are used to a great extent within the university to inform developments and make changes to the environment, services, facilities and of course your programmes. Last year 86% of students were satisfied with their experiences at UWE but we want to top that. Even if you're not 100% happy and you think we could improve, we want to know about it!

As the Student Partnership Officer, I compile the reports on the surveys and these help us understand which areas we need to focus on to improve your student experience. If you don't do the survey, your voice won't be heard! And I won't have anything to write about during the summer...

No matter what you have to say, complete the survey. It does matter and it does make a difference. Many of the things you have reported as being great this year have been the result of student feedback. Here are some examples of things UWE has done after you said you weren't completely happy.


·        UWEmobile: added links for Timetables and Email

·        Expanded Wifi provision at Frenchay and Bower Ashton Campuses

·        Frenchay - Creation of larger teaching spaces in B/C/S blocks to support flexible teaching delivery to larger group sizes

·        Expanded offer of specialist study skills for students with dyslexia at Bower Ashton

·        Glenside - Creation of 2 new skills labs, consultation rooms and surrounding circulation space to support the new curriculum

Creation of a new open-access learning space and 2 PC labs next to Traders

·        St Matthias – The Employability and Enterprise Fair has been developed and expanded to include more sectors and employers

·        The wellbeing service has reintroduced online counselling services and elongated same day appointments

·        Employability and Enterprise has increased the amount of appointments within the last year and introduced career drop ins

·        Frenchay – Refurbished three lecture theatres and the surrounding foyer areas – one lecture theatre is piloting revolving seat mechanisms that allow for greater flexibility for group work and discussion

·        Stand-alone and easy to access computers and new social learning spaces created over the summer holiday at Frenchay

·        Introduced a university policy for all assignments to be marked and returned with feedback within 20 working days

And there a lots more examples. The student voice is a key component in UWE's development. We want to keep on improving and keep shouting about how you've made a difference and how we've responded to you.

Surveys aren't just for moaning. Please do comment on the really good things you've experienced at UWE too - we need to know what you love so we can keep doing it!

In any case, don't delete that email. Do the survey you're invited to, leave your mark on UWE and help inform change at your university.

You have until 30th April to complete the surveys but if you do them before 28th February you have the chance to win some prizes! Up for grabs:
  • 2x Ipad Mini 16GB (1st prize)
  • 2x Kindle paperwhite 3G (2nd prize)
  • 1x Ipod Nano (3rd prize)
  • 1x Kindle (4th prize)
  • 1x £50 love to shop vouchers (5th prize)

    Last year I read through about 8,000 of your comments to help UWE make some positive changes to your experiences here. I'm ready to read more so take part!

    The National Student Survey
    The Student Experience Survey

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