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Welcome to 2014!   

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Hello and welcome back to UWE for semester two! 2014 already!

It's a busy time for those of us working in student voice!
Another round of SRSFs (Student Representative Staff Forums), SU Forums, Student Rep Committee and of course responding to all your feedback that comes in between those meetings.

Throughout January i'm making student voice campaigning my main focus. We're launching the Full Circle Campaign which is all about the student voice, letting you know how your feedback has made a difference, how UWE has responded and supporting students in working as partners to create change. Exciting stuff!

The student voice is central to what we do at UWE. If we don't know what students think about their experience how can we work to improve it or shout about it? Soon, you'll start seeing posters on campus with this logo:

When you see it you'll find information about the campaign, what UWE is doing to respond to your feedback and how you can get involved.

We'll also be descending on your campus to tell you all about! Keep and eye out in the events news and on Twitter/Facebook for locations but the dates for now are: 
Frenchay – 21st Jan, 23rd & 27th – 11am-2pm
Bower Ashton – 30th & 31st Jan – 11am-2pm
St Matthias – 3rd & 4th Feb – 11am-2pm
Glenside – 6th & 7th – 11am-2pm
Dates for Gloucester and Hartpury to come!

Can't wait to get out and hear your ideas about developing UWE and your experiences.
See you soon!

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