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National Student Survey Prize draw winners   

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Every year we offer a number of prizes for students who complete the NSS early on.  This year we offered a range of Amazon vouchers.  The following students were the lucky winners, as randomly selected by IPSOS Mori who conduct the survey:

Ben Davidson (ACE)
Joshua Ditte (HLS)
Nathaniel Greer (HLS)
Megan Evans (FET)
Holly Neal (ACE)
Jake Thorp (ACE)
Yanique Slotemaker (ACE)
Richard Ramshaw (ACE)
Harrison Gates (ACE)
Anwen Regan (FET)
Claire Pengelly (HLS)
Aaron Cottrell (FET)
Katherine Edwards (ACE)
Joseph Benham (FBL)
Craig Thorne (HLS)

Congratulations to the winners, who have all been emailed with details of how to collect their prize.

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