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Supporting staff involved with Student Surveys 

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The University is about to launch the annual institution wide surveys for students (National Student Survey for final year undergraduates, and the Student Experience Survey for other taught students).  The surveys provide students with a valuable opportunity to provide feedback across the institution in a consistent manner.

At UWE we know that the best way of encouraging engagement with these surveys is through supporting staff in having a good understanding of the important elements of the surveys, enabling them to communicate effectively with their students.  

For 2011/2012, we have revised a significant amount of the supporting data and information that underpins the student surveys.  The results from the 2011 surveys were redesigned in order to provide a clear, yet simple view of the results both across the university, in particular subjects areas, and on individual programmes.  For the forthcoming round of surveys, we’ve already simplified the information on what students are to be included – reducing it to the key facts that colleagues have told us are important to them.  We’ll continue to do the same with the reports on response rates once the surveys go live.

For the first time ever, we are holding a general briefing session for any staff (faculty or professional service based) to come and receive an overview of the important points about the survey period.  This will be of interest to staff that are going to be actively involved with promoting the survey to students, but also those who want to have an understanding as to how the process works.  The sessions will be held on Frenchay on Wednesday 25th January at 2pm.  Places are still available, and can be booked through this link:

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