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Listening and learning 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 2 comments

A record number of students have given their feedback on their UWE experience.  Over 66% of final years students at UWE have engaged with the National Student Survey, and a little fewer than 20% of students in other years have responded to UWE’s own Student Experience Survey.    These figures represent the largest ever number of students giving their feedback through these mechanisms.

This is great news for the University and especially for us as the team looking at analysing this data and ensuring that the University makes good use of it.  In reality, it means many months of hard work ahead.  We have to turn many thousand student comments into clear, analysed data ready for other colleagues, working with student representatives, to develop actions where we are being told we’re not quite getting things right. We’ll also be looking at the many areas where students have told things have improved, and making sure we learn from that too in order to replicate success across the University.

I’ll keep this post short – there is the small matter of 2800+ comments to read from the Student Experience Survey...

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