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3994 down - 22061 to go... 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 4 comments

It’s a been a while since my last blog, but since then we’ve been incredibly busy managing the student surveys that are now live for 26055 students at UWE.  As I write this 3994 have taken the opportunity to fill in the survey applicable to them – however this means that there are still over 22000 UWE students who have the opportunity to give us feedback through these surveys.

We can’t stress enough how important these surveys are for the University, and for students.  For final year undergraduates completing the National Student Survey we use this data to evaluate what students thought of their overall course experience in the time they study with us. Some of the data is also made publically available to help prospective students choose a course that is right for them.

For students not in their final year, and for our taught postgraduate students, then the Student Experience Survey is a tool we use to find out how things are going.  This is also important, as students can help shape the experience they have while they are still here. 

I know at this year there are a lot of competing pressures for students’ time and we are sensitive to this.  Both surveys are short, taking around 10 minutes, and we don’t ask you to write lots or fill in lots of comment boxes (but if you want to write a lot – then we’re happy to hear from you!).  I hope that if you haven’t yet completed your survey then you can spend some time over the next week or two to fill it in.

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