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Leaving your UWE footprint 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 0 comments

Mysterious images asking students to leave their UWE footprint have been gradually appearing over the UWE campuses over the past few days – but what’s it all about? 

The footprints are there as part of our campaign to get final year undergraduate students to complete this years National Student Survey.  This survey, run independently of UWE asks final years to rate the experience they have had over their entire time at UWE.  It’s really important for the University that you fill it in – not only do we use it in order to see what course, facilities, and services are working well, and where we need to make improvements, but it is also used to prospective students to see what students who have already done a particular course think about it.

The survey can be accessed either directly from the email final year students will have had from the company running the survey, or from our own survey pages, which also have answers to a number of questions you might have.   If you fill it online before the end of February then you can choose to enter a draw to win some great prizes. It’s a relatively short survey (22 main questions) and last year over two thirds of final year UWE students chose to take part, have their say, and left their UWE footprint.  We really need as many students as possible to fill this in.

For those of you not in your final year, don’t worry.  UWE is committed to hearing your views about your experience, and at the end of February we’ll be launching our Student Experience Survey just for you.

Testing times 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 0 comments
Returning to UWE in January brings for many the prospect of exams.  In 2010, we moved our exams into our new Exhibition and Conference Centre, which brought with it a number of improvements to the student experience such as ensuring all exams were being held in comparable conditions across the University. No more rushing into Q block just before the exam was about to start trying to find a room you had never visited before and never would again...

We did however receive some feedback from students that they weren't happy with some of the arrangements for exams, for instance having to listen to unnecessary announcements, and being disturbed by other students moving around.  The exams team at UWE were able to make a number of changes in time for the May exam period, but there still seemed to be some problems.  Our office investigated and found there were a two big issues that needed solving.  Firstly, a lot of issues were caused not by the location or arrangements related to the exam, but by problems with the exam paper being picked up only at the last minute.  This obviously wasn't good enough - and working with the exams team we have put in place a new process where exam issues are monitored in much greater detail, but crucially are also reported back to the relevant department management in a systematic manner.

The other major problem was found to be students not understanding the rules around exams and conduct while in the ECC.  We had to think carefully about this - we didn't want to appear to be overly strict at a time which we know is very stressful for many, but at the same time we needed to get across a number of messages about appropriate conduct when you're taking an exam.  The Exams team therefore arranged for a short instructional video to be put together, which was released in November when the exam timetables were made available.  You can view it now on YouTube. I hope you agree that while being lighthearted, it does convey well a number of key messages about how exams operate and how students should approach them.

We'll continue to monitor student feedback, and our own performance in terms of correct exam papers, but we hope that the things we have already put in place have already started to have a positive impact on the Student Experience.
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