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Thinking about marketing 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 1 comment

billboardHad an interesting meeting this morning with some colleagues from the SU and UWE's marketing department discussing the plans we need to make to promote the 2011 student surveys.  It's only just over a month away before we start actively canvassing opinion again, which means there is a lot of work to do! 

We know that there are lot of things in the University that compete for student time and attention, and we therefore want to make sure that we have a simple but effective campaign that students take notice of.  The feedback given in those few short weeks is so valuable for the University in planning and shaping future enhancement to the student experience at UWE.  

Right now is one of the fun times of the year when we get to throw around some creative ideas that hopefully will mean that when we go live on 31st Jan, there are plenty of eye-catching designs that remind students of the opportunities they have to feedback.

Updating the Student Representative Council 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 0 comments

At the end of last week, Jonathan Bradley and I gave a presentation to the Student Representative Council (SRC) on what actions the University is planning from the 2010 Student Surveys.  Surveys are a really important way in which the University collects evidence on what students think about their course, and the University more generally. 

Of course, what is important is that we then do something with the results, and turn them into meaningful action.  This year every single department has developed a local action plan, which should be shared with student reps, which looks specifically at the issues students in that subject area raised.  We want students to be actively engaged in reviewing and working on these actions, and so these action plans asked departments to look specifically at how they can involve and inform students of what’s going on.

We’ve also developed a University action plan, which looks at the key areas that need attention across the University.  We’ve identified six key functions that need to improve, and so we’ll be putting in place specific actions to deal with those on top of the actions taking place at local level.  As certain actions evolve and are completed, we’ll report back here on what’s been done.

Despite all the action on implementing actions from last years surveys we’re already planning in detail the processes for the next round of student surveys – where most students will be asked about their experience.  This will begin at the start of February and last until the Easter break.  For students spending 10 minutes of their time filling these in is invaluable for future work, as many key decisions are based on the data they provide us. 

Welcome to the Student Experience Blog 

Posted by Rob Stroud | 1 comment

I’d like to welcome readers to our new student experience blog, aimed at keeping our student representatives up to date with some of the work we are doing centrally within the University to enhance the student experience. 

As an introduction, I work within our Dean of Students office, where we have a small team focussing on a number of different strands of work and projects all aimed at enhancing the UWE student experience.  Over the past few years, we have developed initiatives such as GDP, the UWE Charter, and other projects which have now become part of normal UWE life, such as Welcome Weekend.

We’ve set up this blog so that we can keep in touch with the work we are doing, especially in relation to the feedback that the University receives from its students.  At UWE we strongly believe in listening to our students, through our network of student representatives, and through other channels that allow all students to give us feedback.  This blog will be just one way in which we can respond to that feedback and let students know what action we are taking.  I welcome feedback on what we say and do, and look forward to having an ongoing conversation about the student experience enhancement work we manage from this office.

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