Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences

Researcher testing and developing guidance for the UWE data repository

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Data deposit testing is complete and researcher testing of the workflow, usability and metadata requirements will complete next week. Problems with format recognition identified by the data load testing were fixed before the researcher workflow tests began to streamline the testing. This leaves an outstanding problem with display of the progress bar during file uploads; essential when large files take several minutes. We are pursuing a solution.

Meanwhile, I have been developing guidance for UWE data creators and other users of the data repository. I’d like to express my appreciation and grateful thanks to Edinburgh DataShare and UKDA for the extensive guidance available on their sites which I have unashamedly trawled, selected and adapted for UWE.  I’m now developing data repository guidance on:

Benefits of deposit

Are you ready to deposit?

How to deposit your data

Citing data

What we will do



Data Deposit Agreement

What is the UWE data repository?

Finding and Re-using data

Use licence


This guidance will sit with the repository and be maintained by the repository staff. It will be separate from any researcher data management training and guidance, although mutual reference and linking may be appropriate.