Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences

News on UWE data repository

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We've decided to use a separate EPrints instance for our data repository as we believe

• keeping the two separate helps with managing processes for REF and other similar activities

• it will allow flexibility of upload configurations for research data

• it permits customised and simpler metadata-entry screens which will benefit users

• maintaining accurate statistics for percentage downloads will be easier if data and outputs content are in separate instances.

Our initial build is now ready for customisation ( We’ll be working on this over the next few weeks towards demonstrating and testing with our group of pilot researchers and some test data. Testing will include a variety of projects, data formats and file sizes to stress the limits of EPrints. We are now started on the way to a UWE data repository; more updates will follow.

Raising your ReDMan: Approaches to Research Data Management - presentations available

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We are pleased to announce the Raising your ReDMan presentations and notes from the breakout sessions are now available on the project website in the conference programme

Thank you to the presenters and attendees for their contributions to the event which made the day so useful and informative. We hope it will continue to be of use in your RDM plans and implementation.