Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences

Applying the DCC CARDIO quiz: rudimentary benchmarking at UWE

Posted by Stella Fowler | 1 comment
I thought I would follow up on discussions at last week’s policy workshop, where I outlined how we have adapted the mini version of DCC’s CARDIO here at UWE.  

In essence, we have derived a maturity model by extending the mini DCC cardio tool and applying it to the “UWE way”. The result is simply an A3, 2-sided set of statements on a scale against eight key Research Data Management challenges (covering areas such as awareness of risks, funder policy awareness, policies, training, infrastructure, storage, funding, and so on).

By asking people to identify their perception of our current position, and our aspirational position as a university, we have established some tangible as-is and target operating model measures, by stakeholder group where appropriate.   This has currently only been used a little for some early baselining, but we will continue to gather data throughout the life of the project and to refine the direction of travel. As part of the process, we also carefully selected phrases from the project brief so that we have a project trajectory too if we want.   The statements are emotive to engage and, hopefully, virally infiltrate wider discussion. In addition, the statements are re-useable.

This model will form the basis of a Position Statement (a softly-softly entry into policy discussions) and an aspirational, high level Strategy including a vision and principles of commitment.   The model  is not scientific (no weighting even though some middle ground is much further developed than others in statement terms) but does offer a rudimentary benchmarking measure for use with an unlimited range of stakeholders here at UWE.  

Finally, while we have looked at collating the data electronically, we are finding that there is mileage in having a paper version as some stakeholders tend to find this more accessible. We will, none-the-less, be trialling it with PowerPoint Turning Point (voting buttons) over the coming months with some of our senior managers.   In the meantime, we will be updating our website over the coming weeks to include this maturity model, and other outputs to date, which will be encased in something of a narrative UWE case study.   For those of you who haven’t yet looked at the CARDIO quiz, it can be found at Aside from its uses in the above context, I found this an incredibly useful opener on my third day in post at the DCC Roadshow in Loughborough!