Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences

VC Update

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A very brief entry - word of the project is getting about. See our latest VC's update.
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MRD Programme Launch

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Really enjoyed last week's Programme Launch that I attended with Amanda Conway. It was a great opportunity to meet up with, and benefit from, other more experienced colleagues, and to make contact with other Strand A-ers. It was particularly nice to meet with colleagues from Research360 at Bath, Data.Bris at Bristol, and Open Exeter. Opportunities for South West support abound!

Highlights of the two days for me were the poster session, where I spent far too long talking to too few people (but made really valuable contacts), the session on benefits evidence gathering, and policy development and guidance/training materials. I now have pages of notes that I need to review so that I can pin down the key points and pass them onto our project manager and project officer when they start in post.

We were asked to blog about what our initial thoughts around benefits evidence gathering might be. Amanda and I need to catch up when she gets back from IDCC so that we can talk this through properly. Watch this space...