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new term, new site

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We're two weeks into term and the new first years in Media Culture & Practice and Media & Journalism are settling in at our new home at the Bower Ashton campus. It's busy and the teaching rooms and technology are being built around us as we work, but - as further blog posts will show - this is not stopping us doing interesting work!

Information for new students

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If you are a new student arriving for the BA Media Culture and Practice on Monday, the new timetable should be online by now. If not we will have paper copies for you anyway. The main thing is that you need to arrive at 9.30 at the reception ("Information Point") at Bower Ashton on Monday (not OD37 as it says on your joining instructions). The first to arrive will go straight to be introduced to the technical facilities (its a 45 minute talk) while the rest will be taken to meet us in room 4B12. Looking forward to seeing you there!

By the way - you may find it useful to join our Facebook group as we tend to use it for more day to day communication, and you can comment and ask questions. Search for 'Media at UWE'.

Welcome too...

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... to the first cohort of students taking Media Culture & Practice at HKU SPACE, Hong Kong University's Centre for International Degree Programmes. 


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We're looking forward to meeting our new level 1 students next week. Watch this space for news, or email me if you have any questions:


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Big changes... all new first year students will be based at UWE's Bower Ashton campus, bringing the Dept of Creative Industries together and allowing new connections and synergies between the creative media programmes.
Email me if you have any questions about this:

social media (culture & practice)

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