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student story

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more new video work

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Two more, and again very different!

A relentlessly inventive exploration of an extreme emotional state.

A witty, topical (and queasy) parodic commercial break...

new video work

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Here is a selection from this year's best second year group video projects. They are very diverse in their topics and approach, but all engage creatively and critically with the contemporary world and our experience of it, and all do this through experiments with structure and imagery.

A dark yet comic allegory of the fate of the human in a technological world and upgrade culture. 

This project takes the form of online news, but offers a deeper analysis than that of mainstream journalism, making connections between entertainment, politics, war and media consumers.

On the surface, a sweet story of the life and loves of inanimate objects. It also offers a very different way of looking at everyday life.

A nightmarish near future world in which justice and reality TV are collapsed (warning: explores sensitive issues).