Media Culture and Practice

St Matthias Spring Seminar

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Heaven Born Associates

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A third year film by Carl Wakfer, 2011

take a gamble

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‘Gambling/Gaming: What’s the Difference? Who Cares?

Joyce Goggin, Professor of English and Media at the University of Amsterdam, will be presenting a lecture for the Games, Simulation and Media level 3 module on Monday 26 March at 12 noon. (There is some space so all are welcome to attend).

intellectually fruitful and practical

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From a recent Guardian article on the future of the university by the philosopher Stefan Collini:

"It is worth emphasising, in the face of routine dismissals by snobbish commentators, that many of these [new] courses may be intellectually fruitful as well as practical: media studies are often singled out as being the most egregiously valueless, yet there can be few forces in modern societies so obviously in need of more systematic and disinterested understanding than the media themselves".

technology, agency & walled gardens

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Visiting new media researcher Sy Taffel will give a talk to first year Media Practice & Culture / Media & Cultural Studies students today on digital technology, agency and walled gardens. The images from his presentation can be seen here